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Natürel Kuru Kayısı

Sulphured Dried  Apricots 

Natural Dried Apricots       

Natural Dried Apricots

Whole Pitted Sun Dried Apricots with Natural.

Dried Apricots Packing Type

12.5 kg Carton Box Dried Apricots

5 kg Carton Box Dried Apricots

1000 gr, 500 gr, 400 gr, 250 gr Box Dried Apricots

Nutritional Values Dried Apricots

The apricots are divided into two groups according to their drying style:
• Sulphured Dried Apricots
• Natural Dried Apricots.

Sulphured Dried Apricots are treated with SO2 in order to provide color retention and longer the shelf life .The color of this type changes from light yellow to orange. The SO2 content is max 2000 ppm for European countries and between 2500-3000 for USA and others. Also if the buyer needs a special content it can be adjusted as well. The color is lighter as the SO2 content increases. Natural (Unsulphured) Dried Apricots differs from sulphured apricots in color, the color of this type changes from light brown to dark brown this is because these apricots are directly dried under the sunlight without being treated with SO2.

Classification according to Quality Specifications:
• 1.Class
• 2.Class
• Industrial

There are two groups, natural and sulphured and four quality classes, extra, first, second and industrial classes. In Turkish Standards, the two important quality criteria of dried apricots are, moisture and SO2 contents, which should not exceed 25 % and 0,20 % (2000ppm) by weight respectively.

Sizing of apricots according to pieces in a kg:

Size No.


Count per kg.

0 / Jumbo

61  -   80


36mm or larger

81 -  100


32mm – 36mm

101 - 102


29 mm – 36mm

121 – 140


26mm – 32mm

141 – 160


24mm – 29mm

161 – 180


24mm – 26mm

181 – 200


21mm – 26mm

201 – 220


20mm  or  less

220 or more


Sun Dried Apricot Specifications

1. Product Name          Turkish Whole Pitted Sun Dried Apricots (Sulphur treated)

2. Country of Origin      Turkey

3. Description                Sulphur treated sun dried apricots are washed, calibrated, selected, packed.

4. Ingredients                Apricot, E220

5. Packaging Info          5 kgs, 12,5 kgs bulk or toplayered cartons Food grade blue PE liners in 12,5 kgs   carton boxes

6. Labelling      Origin, Lot no, Crop, Grade, Size no, Quantity, Net weight, Production Date and Best before information are printed on each box.

7. Organoleptical Requirements   

Colour:     :               Yellow, orange-yellow, orange. (natural apricots:typical Brown)

Taste        :               The fruit must have characteristic sweet flavor of Malatya apricots with no evidence of off flavors, including fermentation

Smell        :               Typical Turkish apricot odour with slightly SO2 smell and without off odours, including fermentation

Texture     :               Slightly soft, wholesome and faq of the season      

Moisture   :               Max.23% or 24 %

Physical defects  ;          




The product should be stored in a clean, dry and cool ( prefer below 5°C)place.


12 months from date of production when stored in the conditions noted above

8. Chemical Requirements    

SO2   Europe                          Max. 2000 ppm

Canada                                   Max. 2500 ppm

USA-AU and others                Max. 3000 ppm


Energy (Kcal )                       294  

Protein   %                            3.61 

Carbohydrate %                   66.5  

Vitamin B1   (mg / 100 g )     0.1  

Vitamin B2   (mg / 100 g )   0.16  

Vitamin C     ( mg / 100 g )    12  

Calcium        (mg / 100 g )     22


Health Benefits of Apricot
• Apricot has high mineral content, that makes it beneficial in cases of anemia, tuberculosis, asthma, bronchitis, and toxemia.
• Apricot is high in vitamin A, which is why it is very helpful in the removal of skin pimples and other skin disorder.
• Apricot contains lycopene, this substance can help prevent cancer and help to protect LDL cholesterol from oxidation, which may help prevent heart disease.
• It helps destroy intestinal worms.
• It may help remove gallstones. 
• It helps for preventing cancer in organs lined by epithelial tissue, due to its high vitamin A content.
•Dried apricots should be eaten with foods that are rich in Vitamin C so that iron absorption can be increased.

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Dried Apricots


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